Even when sustainable building was practically unheard of, our experts were exploring tomorrow’s world. Whether you plan to develop, build or renovate, sustainability flows through our veins. Our strength is our capacity to distinguish the forest from the trees. abcnova knows exactly how and what to select from the numerous sustainability solutions that are being offered.

You can also safely rely on our experts in terms of the ever more stringent laws and regulations. We translate the plans of our clients into concrete, sustainable solutions, in which we separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Preparing a fully comprehensive business case is of vital importance, seeing that it leads to a careful analysis of the full lifespan of your property. Connecting the end of a circle to its beginning, circular building, is something that we enjoy doing and in which we are highly experienced.

And although we develop (and calculate) the process for you, we would also like to manage it for you. It’s our way of making sure that all of your objectives are met and your ambitions fulfilled. It almost goes without saying that we see to it that your sustainability efforts are certified ((BREEAM-NL, GPR, WELL).

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