IEF Capital has commissioned the redevelopment of the former V&D/La Place complex on Kalverstraat/Rokin in Amsterdam. The complex is part of a protected townscape. In the planning stage of this redevelopment, much consideration was given to the original design and the building’s historical features. By removing the connecting section between the two building sections, the St. Jorissteeg will be restored to its former glory, and two separate complexes will be created.

The façades will also be restored to their original state, which means that a glass canopy will be constructed on the Rokin side. La Place will return to its former location, but as a fully redeveloped and largely new construction. The section in which V&D used to have its store is scheduled to accommodate retail businesses on the top and lower floors. The project spans an area of 10,000 m2, of which 8,000 m2 of the former V&D premises and approximately 2,400 m2 La Place. The renovation is set to be implemented in stages.

abcnova has been charged with the project management in the preparation and execution stages of the redevelopment. Its tasks consist of working out the preliminary design into final blueprints, formulating the tendering specifications, supervising the tendering process for the selection of the contractor and managing the construction work before and during construction and completion.

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