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Our experts are committed to quality, with a firm grip on financial issues. Yes, quality still exists. It certainly does with abcnova. Our enterprising consultants, project and process managers are bold enough to stick out their necks. They love the challenges of contracting and tendering, and they are pioneers in the field of integrated contract forms such as DBFMO, UAV-GC and NEC 3.

Each case requires a tailor-made solution. Retail, leisure, hotels, offices, houses and logistics: we understand the ever-changing demands and needs of your client like no other. The magic word is risk management, something in which we excel and distinguish ourselves. Our consultants are all strategic heavy-weights with a capacity to improvise when necessary. abcnova advises and assists you in terms of design, realisation, completion and delivery, finishing and furnishings. We shoulder your burdens, now and in the future.

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