What is the social value of real estate?

Whether it concerns the sustainability of your real estate portfolio, starting up an area development, managing the risks of an infrastructural project or supervising the realization of a public building; we ensure that your policy and political ambitions are translated into concrete and feasible solutions. We know the whip of the whip when it comes to managing public and political support. In all phases, from idea to commissioning, we work with enthusiasm to optimally organize the public built environment.

Museum, provincial or town hall, sports center, station, police station or theater; buildings that are accessible to the public require a specific view on services. abcnova helps to find an optimal balance between space, accessibility, safety and flexibility. And we are at the forefront when it comes to applying the latest contract forms and sustainability solutions.

We also feel like a fish in the water when it comes to area development. We guide the vision formation on the basis of policy ambitions and market opportunities. A responsible and controlled use of public funds is the credo. However, an area development also requires entrepreneurship: the creativity to translate market opportunities and cooperation opportunities into added value. We see that combination as our strength. And our managers then ensure that concrete plans also get off the ground.

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