When it comes to much more than the stones

Changes in care have a major impact on real estate. Standard solutions from the booklet are not relevant. Based on our expertise, we get the most out of the interaction between care and real estate. How does your healthcare real estate perform in financial and functional terms? How can your housing make a positive contribution to the quality of care and efficient business operations? Which solutions fit the care vision of today and in the future? And what is the best strategy for repurposing or redeveloping a location that has lost its function? The abcnova specialists provide a grip on your healthcare real estate. And we keep all stakeholders, internally and externally, on board. We are a strategic interlocutor with knowledge of legislation, financing, competition and working conditions. We also like to continue. During a construction project we focus on managing logistics flows, insight into costs and benefits and risk management. So that the care for vulnerable people can always continue.

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